Our approach is different every time. Although our approaches are informed by OD practices and theories, we pride ourselves on leveraging our real-life experience and on always taking a tailored and pragmatic approach.

Change Management

the Insider works with clients to figure out how to envision and enable their organization for change; how and when to engage with different groups of employees or other stakeholders; and how to empower and motivate key staff to become agents of change themselves.

We always aim to equip and enable the client organization to rely on internal resources as much as possible and minimize the need for external consultancy.


Team Dynamics

the Insider works with team leaders and team members to understand where a team is on its development journey, and define and implement approaches to facilitate team development in support of the business objectives. 

We facilitate alignment around a team’s shared vision, goals, strategies and priorities.

We help teams to understand the different strengths, styles, preferences and motivations of the different team members and how these can be combined to strengthen the team.


Organization Development

the Insider works with leadership teams to understand and assess the current state of their organization, including the soft factors; and which elements need to be maintained, reinforced, introduced or changed in order to align with the longer term business strategy.

We then help our clients to develop and implement strategies to achieve alignment between individuals, teams and the total organization.